Message from the Senior Educational Officer

Подписано простой электронной подписью: Седелков Дмитрий Владимирович.


Every story has a beginning and ours starts with deep roots in the 200-years of history of Kazan State Medical University, training well-rounded physicians to serve Kazan and more than 3 million citizens of the Republic of Tatarstan. KSMU is proud of its top ranking among medical schools in Russia and its long history of international collaboration.


Today we opened another chapter in the history of KSMU. KSMU’s English Language Residency Training is a newly accredited internal medicine residency program by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. While working on strengthening of Internal Medicine program, we are also developing a second program in neurology. While most training activities are in English, the applicants to residency must have some knowledge of the Russian language to work with patients. The program trains medical graduates of foreign nations, those who graduated from either medical university anywhere in Russia or abroad. Currently Russian citizens are not considered for the program. Residency programs are housed at Kazan State Medical University and thus have to be self-sustained. You can learn about current fees here


A strong feature of this University-based program is its agreement with participating sites, offering residents exceptional access to patients with a wide spectrum of medical conditions including orphan diseases.  Our current sites include: the Republican Clinical Hospital, a tertiary care referral health care facility serving most complex medical conditions from the whole region of Tatarstan, the Urgent Care City Hospital 7, serving 50% of Kazan population, The Interregional Clinical and Diagnostic Center , a most advance “Heart Center in Tatarstan, the Republican Infectious Disease Hospital, a hub where all patients with communicable diseases are treated, and the Regional Cancer Center with the most up-to-date diagnostics and treatment facilities. In addition, residents rotate in ambulatory care outpatient clinics and one community-based hospital. For more information please visit our participating sites.

Maksudova, Adelya Nailevna,  MD, PhD, D.Sc,

Senior Educational Officer for Residency Education,

Professor in Nephrology